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Professional Design - Panasonic AG AG-HVX200A Brochure & Specs

P2hd ag-hvx200a series memory card camera-recorder
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Professional Design

Manual Zoom, Focus, Iris and Gain Functions
for the Professional
Cam-Driven Manual Zoom
The cam-driven (mechanical) manual zoom ring provides the same
fast, precise zooming as cameras with interchangeable lenses. You'll
also enjoy the operating feel. When you turn the zoom ring, you
experience the same kind of steady resistance as you feel with
35mm lenses. The AG-HVX200A series servo-driven zoom also
allows slow zooming.
Manual Focus with Center Zoom
Enjoy quick, sharp focusing
manually or automatically. In manual
mode, the focus ring gives you the
same kind of operating feel and
responsive control as cameras with
interchangeable lenses. An HD-
compatible focus assist (Center
Zoom) function enlarges the center
part of the image, making it easier to get the more precise focus
needed in HD production.In auto mode, you get quick focusing
when shooting. When set to infinity, the focal distance is
immediately prepared for the next manual focus. When in manual
mode, pressing the Push Auto button temporarily activates auto
Manual Aperture
The large aperture dial (direction setting possible) is designed for
easy manual operation. You also can add backlight correction or
spotlight correction to the auto aperture function.
Gain, ND Filter
Increases gain up to 18 dB. The selector has three positions: L is
fixed at 0 dB; M and H can be set to 0, +3, +6, +9, or +12 dB.
+18dB can also be quickly accessed by the use of the USER 1, 2 or
3 switch.
Two ND filters (1/8 ND, 1/64 ND) are built-in and easily accessible.
Slow, Synchro and High Speed Shutter
Used with the variable frame rate functions, this allows you to
create a blurring effect or crystal clear stop motion sports action.
The AG-HVX200A series also features a synchro scan function
that's suitable for capturing screen shots from a computer monitor.
Scene File, User Buttons and Auto Functions
for Quicker, Easier Shooting
Scene File Dial
Set this dial for a set of shooting
conditions, and later you can
instantly retrieve the settings when
needed. Six preset files are
provided, and you can change any
of the six file names and their
settings as desired. You can
transfer the settings to an SD
Memory Card and load them into
other cameras, making it easy to
set up multiple cameras on a shoot.
Three User Buttons
The AG-HVX200A series has three user buttons, each of which can
be assigned any one of 12 functions (rec check, spotlight, backlight,
black fade, white fade, ATW, ATW lock, gain 18dB, focus ring,
memo/index, slot sel, shot mark). The assigned functions can then
be accessed at the touch of a button.
Auto/Manual Mode Selector
Just select the auto position to turn on Auto Aperture, Auto Gain,
Auto Tracking White Balance, and Auto Focus — and you are
immediately ready to shoot. You can also customize the auto mode
by removing functions and setting the gain to any value desired.
White Balance with the Auto Tracking White Function
One press of the AWB button is all it takes to adjust the white
balance and black balance. There are three white balance values to
select from: one that's preset, and two (A, B) that you can set and
save in memory. The auto tracking white balance (ATW) function
can also be assigned to any of the three positions. The ATW mode
supports fast, active shooting by adjusting the white balance in real-
time as lighting conditions change.


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