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Overview; Start Up - Kärcher Puzzi 30/4 User Manual

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Table of Contents


Quick start instructions
1 Connect spray/suction hose to the ap-
2 Connect spray/suction hose to the elbow
3 Prepare cleaning solution,
Fill up the fresh water tank
4 Select operating mode
5 Cleaning
6 Empty the fresh water tank
7 Vacuum off the tray for the floor nozzle
8 Empty wastewater container
9 Clean wastewater container,
Empty wastewater container
10 Fill fresh water tank (without detergent)
11 Flush appliance
12 Allow appliance to dry
Device elements
1 Mounting point for adapter (homebase)
2 Power cord
3 Nameplate
4 Adapter for accessories (homebase) in-
cluding cable hooks
5 Mounting rail for adapter (homebase)
6 Step depression
7 Filling level display
8 Recessed grip
9 Pushing handle, adjustable
10 Locking device for bonnet
11 Fastening screw for slider
12 Holder for suction pipe
13 Hood
14 Fresh water sieve incl. lid
15 Steering roller with fixed position brake
16 Storage for floor nozzle
17 Lid of the fresh water tank
18 Operating field
19 Spray hose connection
20 Suction hose connection
21 Floor nozzle for carpet cleaning
22 Carpet adapter
23 Unlocking device of the floor nozzle
24 Suction pipe
25 Nozzle mouth piece
26 Union joint
27 Additional handle
28 Bender
29 Lever on the manifold
30 Spray hose
31 Suction hose
32 Spray/suction hose
33 Fresh water tank
34 Carrying handle of the wastewater con-
35 Dirt water reservoir, detachable
36 Swimmer screw
37 Float
38 Filter casing
39 Flat fold filter
40 Quick start instructions
41 Fluff filter
42 Seal of the bonnet
Operating field
1 0/OFF
2 Operating mode: Spraying
3 Operating mode: Vacuuming
4 Operating mode: Spraying/vacuuming
5 Rotating knob
 Check high power cable, extension ca-
bles and hoses for damage every time
before use.
Attaching the Accessories
Prepare cleaning solution
Health risk, risk of damage. Observe all in-
dications on the detergent used.
 Mix fresh water and detergent in a clean
container (use the concentration rec-
ommended for the detergent).
Dissolve detergent in the water.
Note: Warm water (max. 122°F/50°C) will
increase the cleaning effect. Verify the tem-
perature resistance of the surface to be
– 2

Start up



Table of Contents

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