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Safety Precautions - Panasonic CS-E18JKR Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic air conditioner operating instructions
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The instructions to be followed are classifi ed by the following symbols:
This symbol denotes an action
To prevent personal injury, injury to others, or property damage, please observe the following.
Incorrect operation due to failure to follow instructions may cause harm or damage, the seriousness of which is classifi ed as below:
Remote Control
• Do not use rechargeable
(Ni-Cd) batteries.
• Do not allow infants and
small children to play
with the remote control
to prevent them from
accidentally swallowing the
• Remove the batteries if the
unit is not going to be used
for a long period of time.
• New batteries of the same
type must be inserted
following the polarity stated
to prevent malfunction of
the remote control.
Power Supply
• Do not share the same power outlet with
other equipment.
• Do not modify power cords.
• Do not use extension cords.
• Do not operate with wet hands.
• Use the specifi ed supply cord.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualifi ed persons in
order to avoid a hazard.
• This equipment must be earthed and
strongly recommended to be installed
with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
(ELCB) or Residual Current Device
(RCD). Otherwise, it may cause electrical
shock or fi re in case of malfunction.
• In case of emergency or abnormal
conditions (burnt smell, etc), turn off
the power supply, and please consult
authorized dealer.
Outdoor Unit
• Do not insert your fi ngers or other objects
into the unit, rotating parts may cause
This sign warns of death or serious injury.
• Do not install, remove and
reinstall the unit by yourself;
improper installation will
cause leakage, electric
shock or fi re. Please consult
authorized dealer or specialist
for the installation work.
• Do not insert your fi ngers or
other objects into the unit,
rotating parts may cause
• Do not attempt to repair the
unit by yourself.
Indoor Unit
Air inlet
Air inlet
Air Air
Air inlet
Air outlet
These symbols denote actions
that are COMPULSORY.
This sign warns of
injury or damage
to property.
Indoor Unit
• Do not install the unit in a
potentially explosive atmosphere.
• Do not wash the unit with water,
benzene, thinner or scouring
• Do not use for other purposes
such as preservation of food.
• Do not use any combustible
equipment in front of the airfl ow
• Do not expose directly to cold air
for a long period.
• Ensure that the drainage pipe is
connected properly. Otherwise,
leakage may occur.
• Aerate the room regularly.
Power Supply
• Switch off the power supply
before cleaning or servicing.
• Turn off the power supply if the
unit is not used for a long period
of time.
• This air conditioner is equipped
with a built-in surge protective
device. However, in order
to further protect your air
conditioner from being damaged
by abnormally strong lightning
activity, you may want to
disconnect it from the power
supply. Do not touch the air
conditioner during lightning, it
may cause electric shock.
Outdoor Unit
• Do not sit or step on the unit, you
may fall down accidentally.
• Do not touch the sharp aluminium
fi n, sharp parts may cause injury.
• Ensure that the drainage pipe is
connected properly. Otherwise,
leakage may occur.
• After long periods of use, make
sure the installation rack is not

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