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Maintenance - Makita HR5000 Instruction Manual

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Always be sure that the tool is switched off and
unplugged before carrying out any work on the
Replacement of carbon brushes (Fig. 10 & 11)
Whenever carbon brushes must be replaced, they cut
out the tool automatically. When this occurs,
replace both carbon brushes at the same time. Use
only identical carbon brushes.
Lubrication (Fig. 12 & 13)
This tool requires no hourly or daily lubrication
because it has a grease-packed lubrication system.
Lubricate the tool every time the carbon brushes
are replaced.
Run the tool for several minutes to warm it up.
Switch off and unplug the tool. Remove the crank
cap using a Makita lock nut wrench 35 (optional
accessory). Rest the tool on the table with the bit
end pointing upwards. This will allow the old grease to
collect inside the crank housing. Wipe out the old
grease inside and replace with a fresh grease (60 g).
Use only Makita genuine grease (optional accessory).
Filling with more than the specified amount of grease
(approx. 60 g) can cause faulty hammering action or
tool failure. Fill only with the specified amount of
grease. Reinstall the crank cap and tighten with the
lock nut wrench. Do not tighten the crank cap exces-
sively. It is made of resin and is subject to breakage.
To maintain product safety and reliability, repairs,
maintenance or adjustment should be carried out by a
Makita Authorized Service Center.



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