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Electrical Requirements; Earthing Instructions - Maytag MDG28PNCGW Installation Instructions Manual

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Electrical Requirements

IMPORTANT: Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
You will need an earthed electrical outlet located within
610 mm (2 feet) of either side of the dryer.
This dryer is supplied/fitted with an electrical supply cord
and plug. It should be connected to electrical supply socket
at the voltage shown on the rating plate. The minimum supply
fuse capacity should be 5A. The dryer must be positioned so
that the plug is clearly visible and accessible. This plug also
provides the function of an emergency stop control for the user.
If the fitted plug is not used, the electrical connection must be
carried out by a competent electrician in accordance with local
or national codes.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced with a
specially terminated cord by an authorized service agent
or a similarly competent person in order to avoid a hazard.
Do not use an adapter.
Do not use an extension cord.
NOTE: In accordance with the European EMC Directive
(2004/108/EC), the maximum electricity supply system
impedance to which the gas dryer should be connected
is declared to be 0.054 Ohm + j0.034 Ohm.
NOTE: Electrical safety standards: The manufacturer has
chosen compliance with IEC/EN.60335 standards as the most
appropriate for this product.
If codes permit and an additional earth bond wire is used, it is
recommended that a qualified electrician determine that the
earth bond path is adequate.


Using the universal cord included with this dryer:
The gas dryer is equipped with a universal cord with
interchangeable plugs.
1. To use the universal cord, select the plug end that fits your
electrical outlet, and plug it into the adapter on the supply
2. Secure the plug end in place on the cord by aligning the
2 cover halves over the cord adapter and clipping them


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