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Mowing Tips - Husqvarna LTH1797 Owner's Manual

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4. Move motion control lever to full forward position and
hold for five (5) seconds. Move lever to full reverse
position and hold for five (5) seconds. Repeat this
procedure three (3) times.
5. Move motion control lever to neutral (N) position. Shut-
off engine and set parking brake.
6. Engage transmission by placing freewheel control in
engaged position (See "TO TRANSPORT" in this sec-
tion of manual).
7. Sitting in the tractor seat, start engine. After the engine
is running, move throttle control to half (1/2) speed.
With motion control lever in neutral (N) position, slowly
disengage clutch/brake pedal.
8. Slowly move motion control lever forward, after the
tractor moves approximately five (5) feet, slowly move
motion control lever to reverse position. After the trac-
tor moves approximately five (5) feet return the mo-
tion control lever to the neutral (N) position. Repeat
this procedure with the motion control lever three (3)
Your transmission is now purged and now ready for normal
op er a tion.


Tire chains cannot be used when the mower hous ing
is attached to tractor.
Mower should be properly leveled for best mowing
performance. See "TO LEVEL MOWER HOUSING"
in the Service and Adjustments section of this manual.
The left hand side of mower should be used for trim ming.
Drive so that clippings are discharged onto the area
that has been cut. Have the cut area to the right of
the tractor. This will result in a more even dis tri bu tion
of clippings and more uniform cutting.
When mowing large areas, start by turning to the right
so that clippings will discharge away from shrubs,
fences, driveways, etc. After one or two rounds, mow
in the opposite direction making left hand turns until
finished (See Fig. 8).
If grass is extremely tall, it should be mowed twice to
reduce load and possible fire hazard from dried clip-
pings. Make first cut relatively high; the second to the
desired height.
Do not mow grass when it is wet. Wet grass will plug
mower and leave undesirable clumps. Allow grass to
dry before mowing.
Always operate engine at full throttle when mow-
ing to ensure better mowing performance and proper
dis charge of material. Regulate ground speed by
se lect ing a low enough gear to give the mower cut ting
per for mance as well as the quality of cut desired.
When operating attachments, select a ground speed
that will suit the terrain and give best performance of
the at tach ment being used.
Fig. 8

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Table of Contents

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