Cutting Equipment - Husqvarna 525ES Operator's Manual

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Cutting equipment

The cutter is designed and manufactured to withstand the
loads that edging of a lawn involves.
Check the cutting attachment for damage or cracks. A
damaged cutting attachment should always be replaced.
A non-balanced blade induces heavy vibrations that may
damage the machine.
WARNING! Always stop the engine
before you work on any part of the
cutting equipment. This continues to
move even after the throttle is released.
Check that the cutting equipment has
stopped completely and remove the HT
lead from the spark plug before you start
any work on it.
Locking screw
The locking screw secures the cutting attachment on the
output shaft.
Protect your hand from injury when assembling, use the
blade guard as protection when tightening with a socket
When fitting, tighten the screw in the opposite direction to
the direction of rotation of the cutting attachment. To
remove it, undo the screw in the same direction as the
cutting attachment rotates. (CAUTION! The screw has a
left-hand thread.)
Tighten the screw using the socket spanner. 35-50 Nm
(3.5-5 kpm).
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1157433-49 Rev. 2 2015-10-20


Table of Contents

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