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Appendix; Care; Contact With Liquid; Questions And Answers - Siemens Gigaset SL 100 User Manual

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Wipe the base station and handset with a damp cloth (do not use solvents) or an anti-
static cloth. Never use a dry cloth. This can cause static.

Contact with liquid

If the handset should come into contact with liquid, on no account switch the device
on. Remove the battery immediately.
Allow the liquid to drain out of the device, and then pat all parts of the device dry.
Keep the handset with the battery removed in a warm, dry place for at least 72 hours.
In many cases, you will then be able to use it again.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about the use of your phone, you can contact us 24/7 at You will find the most frequently asked ques-
tions and answers below.
What has happened if ... Possible cause
... the display is blank?
... the handset fails to respond
to a key press?
... "Base station x" flashes in
the display?
... Base Search flashes in the
... the handset does not ring? The ringer is switched off.
... I cannot hear a ringer tone/
dial tone?
... the call units/charges are
not displayed?
... the other party cannot hear
... the incoming call number is
not displayed even though
CLIP is set?
The handset is not switched on.
The battery is flat.
The keypad lock is activated.
The handset is outside the range
of the base station.
The base station is not switched
The handset is set for Best
Base. But no base station has
been activated or in range.
You have changed the telephone
cord on your Gigaset.
There are no metering pulses.
You have pressed the
key. This mutes the handset.
Calling line identification is not
Possible solution
Press the "end call" key
about 2 sec.
Charge or replace the battery
(page 10).
Press the hash key
about 2 sec. to deactivate the
lock (page 11).
Move the handset nearer to the
base station.
Check the power connector at
the base station (page 8).
Move the handset nearer to the
base station.
Check the power connector at
the base station (page 8).
Activate/deactivate the ringer
(page 83).
When purchasing a new cord
ensure that it has the correct
pin connections (page 8).
Ask your network provider to
transmit the metering pulses.
Switch on the microphone
again (page 20).
The caller should ask his net-
work provider to enable the
identification of his number



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