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Using The Directory And Other Lists; Directory And Speed Dial List - Siemens Gigaset SL 100 User Manual

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Using the directory and other lists

Directory and speed dial list

The directory and speed dial list can store up to 200 numbers, depending on the length
of the entries, the number of entries in the speed dial list and the email directory
(page 29).
The directory makes dialling easier. You open the directory in idle status with the
s key. You can store an anniversary/birthday for every directory entry and mark the
entry as "VIP".
The speed dial list is a special directory in which you can store particularly important
numbers such as private telephone numbers and prefixes of network providers (so-
called "call-by-call numbers"). You open the speed dial list with the C key.
You create the directory, email directory and speed dial list for your individual handset.
You can send the lists/individual entries to the other handsets if you want them to be
available at other handsets as well (page 24).
The speed dial list is operated in just the same way as the directory, except for the way
in which entries are stored.
The EATONI predictive text helps you input names (page 100, this
feature is deactivated when you purchase your phone).
Please refer to the Character Set Chart (page 98) to see how to enter
text correctly.
You can enter up to 32 digits for a number and up to 16 letters for a
When entering a number you can insert the required pause with
s Insert Pause
Using the directory and other lists
or by pressing S for about 2 seconds.



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