Checking Wear On Cutting Equipment - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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What to do if lubrication does not work:
Check that the oil channel in the bar is not obstructed.
Clean if necessary.
Check that the oil channel in the gear housing is clean.
Clean if necessary.
Check that the bar tip sprocket turns freely. If the chain
lubrication system is still not working after carrying out the
above checks you should contact your service workshop.

Checking wear on cutting equipment

Check the chain daily for:
Visible cracks in rivets and links.
Whether the chain is stiff.
Whether rivets and links are badly worn.
We recommend you compare the existing chain with a new
chain to decide how badly the existing chain is worn.
When the length of the cutting teeth has worn down to only 4
mm the chain must be replaced.
Chain drive sprocket
Regularly check the degree of wear on the drive sprocket.
Replace if wear is excessive.
Check regularly:
Whether there are burrs on the edges of the bar. Remove
these with a file if necessary.
Whether the groove in the bar has become badly worn.
Replace the bar if necessary.
Whether the tip of the bar is uneven or badly worn. If a
hollow forms on the underside of the bar tip this is due to
running with a slack chain.
To prolong the life of the bar you should turn it over daily.
WARNING! A faulty cutting attachment may
increase the risk of accidents.
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Table of Contents

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