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Centrifugal Juicer - Kenwood FP670 series Instructions Manual

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Centrifugal Juicer

The centrifugal juicer if supplied, is suitable for juicing firm fruit and vegetables such as carrots and apples. Little preparation of these foods is
necessary and any combination of fruit and vegetables can be used to produce a healthy and flavoursome drink.
Fit the strainer basket into the inner bowl ensuring that the tabs on the strainer basket fit into the slots in the inner bowl.
(fig 13)
With the processor bowl in position add the above assembly turning until it drops into position(fig 14).
Fit the attachment Iid by turning clockwise until it locks into position. (fig 15)
Cut the food into suitably sized pieces to fit the feed tube.
Switch the processor to maximum speed, add the food down the feed tube whilst exerting an even pressure on the pusher. Process one
or two pieces of food completely before processing further amounts.
Once all the food has been processed allow the machine to run for an additional 20sec under no load to ensure maximum juice
After use, dismantle the unit. Unclip the strainer basket and remove the waste. Transfer the juice to a jug for serving.
Best results are obtained by using firm fresh fruit and vegetables.
Fruit and vegetables with tough skins such as melon or pineapple should be peeled before processing. Stones and pips should also be
removed from fruit and vegetables such as peppers, melon and plums. It is unnecessary to peel and core apples and pears before
Your juice separator will process citrus fruit but the large quantity of pith present will cause the resulting juice to be bitter. A special citrus
juicer is available for this purpose.
To get the best performance from your attachment process small quantities at a time and clean the strainer basket and inner bowl of pulp
Your processor may occasionally vibrate during use due to uneven distribution of pulp. If this becomes excessive, stop the machine and
empty the strainer. We recommend that no more than 454g / 1Ib of fruit or vegetables be processed in one batch.
Please Note
Some fruit and vegetables may discolour the plastic. This is perfectly normal and will not impair the flavour of subsequent juices.

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