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How To Install; Installation Procedure - Kenwood DRV-410 Instruction Manual

Gps integrated dashboard camera
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How to Install

Installation Procedure

Check that the vehicle is parked on a level
Attach the device to the mount
bracket. (accessory)
Insert the mount bracket into the bracket
attachment part of the device and attach it to
the device.
Mount bracket
Camera lens side
Determine where to mount the
Determine the mounting position in reference
to "Recommended installation position. "
Clean the mounting surface and then
affix the device to the windshield.
Use a commercially available cleaning cloth or
the like to wipe off all dirt and grease on the
mounting surface. Peel off the release paper of
the double-sided tape on the mount bracket
and push the bracket against the windscreen
to affix it in place. Leave the device for 24 hours
before use to enable the mounting strength of
the mount bracket to improve.
Release paper
Perform the cord wiring work.
Refer to "How to Wire" and then perform the
wiring work. ( Á P.10)
Adjust the installation angle of the
device and then fix the device in place.
Turn the angle adjustment knob clockwise before
adjustment. When adjusting the installation angle,
check that the camera field of view is parallel to a level
ground surface and that the ratio of the sky and ground
are the same. After adjusting the installation angle, turn
the angle adjustment knob of the adjustment bracket
counterclockwise to fix the device in place.
Adjustment example
adjustment knob
If you will use the driving support
function, you need to make the
adjustments described in "Adjusting the
Settings to Match the Vehicle. " ( Á P.12)
Make the adjustments described in
"Adjusting the Settings to Match the Vehicle"
in a location with a level surface and a sight
distance of about 200 m. ( Á P.12)
Rear-view mirror

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