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Kenwood DRV-410 Instruction Manual page 21

Gps integrated dashboard camera
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Driving support settings
Forward collision warning
Lane departure warning
Departure delay warning
Detection range settings
Mounting height settings
System settings
Daylight saving time
Notification volume
Playback volume
Monitor display timer
Select units
Factory reset
System version
Format SD card
Update system
Detects the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front and notifies
with a warning sound to prevent a collision with the vehicle in front if a safe
distance is not maintained. This operates at 30 km/h and faster.
Detects the lane your vehicle is driving in and notifies with a warning sound
when your vehicle is departing from the current lane. This operates at 60 km/h
and faster.
When your vehicle is stopped behind the vehicle in front and then the vehicle
in front begins moving, a warning sign notifies if your vehicle is late to begin
moving. A warning sound is also output when, for example, your vehicle moves
Before using the driving support function, adjust the horizon and bonnet front
edge position settings to match the vehicle. ( Á P.12)
1.2 m*/1.35 m/2 m
Set the mounting height of the device from the road surface. ( Á P.12)
Set the date and time automatically or manually. ( Á P.22)
OFF*/+1 hr./+30 min
Set daylight saving time.
Set the notification volume to any of six levels (mute to maximum).
Set the recording video playback volume to any of six levels (mute to
Always on*/10 sec/1 min/3 min
Set the screen display time.
Change the display language for the MENU screen, etc.
Switch to kilometer or mile display.
Reset the device settings to the factory default state.
Display the version of the device firmware.
Delete all files and format the SD card. ( Á P.13)
Update the device firmware. ( Á P.23)

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