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How To Wire - Kenwood DRV-410 Instruction Manual

Gps integrated dashboard camera
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How to Wire

Connecting the cigarette lighter plug cord (accessory)
Connect the drive recorder and power cord of the cigarette lighter plug cord.
When disconnecting the power cord, disconnect
it while pressing the hook of the connector.
Drive recorder
Power cord for Dashboard Camera (accessory)
Before performing the connection work, first check that the engine key
is removed and then be sure to disconnect the negative terminal of the
battery to prevent a short accident.
Dashboard Camera
Ignition key switch
Main fuse
Connect the cigarette lighter plug to the cigarette lighter socket.
Connect the Dashboard Camera and power cord.
Accessory power supply
Battery cord (Yellow)
Connect to a power supply with a voltage always applied
regardless of whether or not the engine key is on or off at
a point after the power has passed through the main fuse.
Ground cord (Black)
Connect to a metal part of the vehicle (part of the chassis with an electrical
connection to the negative side of the power supply).
Cord length (4 m)
Cord length (3.5 m)
Accessory cord (Red)
Connect to a power supply that can
be turned on and off with the switch.
Fuse (2 A)

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