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Data Transmission; Clock Setting; Search For Sensor; Clock - Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station BAR608HGA User Manual

Oregon scientific wireless weather station user manual
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Data is sent from the sensor(s) every 40 seconds.
The reception icon shown in the Temperature and
Humidity Areas show the status.
Main unit is searching for
At least 1 channel has
been found.
Channel 1 is selected (number
will change depending on the
sensor you select)
--- shows in Outdoor
The selected sensor cannot
be found. Search for the
Temp / Humidity Area
sensor or check batteries.


To search for a sensor, press and hold MEM and
CHANNEL for 2 seconds.
If the sensor is still not found, check the
batteries, obstructions, and remote unit location.
Signals from household devices such as
doorbells, electronic garage doors, and home security
systems may cause temporary reception failure. This is
normal and does not affect general product performance.
The reception will resume once the interference ends.
BAR608HGA lab test R2


This product shows the current time, and day of week in
English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. The US
Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado automatically updates
this information unless you disable the feature. The
signals are collected by the main unit when it is within
1500 km (932 miles) of a signal.
Initial reception takes 2 - 10 minutes, and is initiated
when you first setup the unit, and whenever you press
RESET. Once complete, the reception icon will stop
blinking. The icon is shown in the Clock Area.
To force a manual search for Atomic Clock signals, press
and hold UP for 2 seconds. If no signal is found, check
the batteries.
hour is incorrect, use the "timezone offset" feature to
adjust it to the appropriate timezone. Please see "SET
CLOCK" on pg. 9 for instructions.
If the Atomic Clock signal is received and the
1/17/04, 4:39 PM

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