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Engine Oil And Oil Filter Element - Yamaha YZF-R125 Owner's Manual

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2. Check the spark plug for electrode
erosion and excessive carbon or
other deposits, and replace it if
Specified spark plug:
To install the spark plug
1. Measure the spark plug gap with a
wire thickness gauge and, if nec-
essary, adjust the gap to specifi-
1. Spark plug gap
Spark plug gap:
0.7–0.8 mm (0.028–0.031 in)
2. Clean the surface of the spark
plug gasket and its mating sur-
face, and then wipe off any grime
from the spark plug threads.
3. Install the spark plug with the
spark plug wrench, and then tight-
en it to the specified torque.
Tightening torque:
Spark plug:
12.5 Nm (1.25 m·kgf, 9.04 ft·lbf)
If a torque wrench is not available
when installing a spark plug, a good
estimate of the correct torque is 1/4–
1/2 turn past finger tight. However, the
spark plug should be tightened to the
specified torque as soon as possible.
4. Install the spark plug cap.
5. Install the cowling.
Engine oil and oil filter ele-
The engine oil level should be checked
before each ride. In addition, the oil
must be changed and the oil filter ele-
ment replaced at the intervals specified
in the periodic maintenance and lubri-
cation chart.
To check the engine oil level
1. Place the vehicle on a level sur-
face and hold it in an upright posi-
tion. A slight tilt to the side can
result in a false reading.
2. Start the engine, warm it up for
several minutes, and then turn it
3. Wait a few minutes until the oil set-
tles, remove the oil filler cap, wipe
the dipstick clean, insert it back
into the oil filler hole (without
screwing it in), and then remove it
again to check the oil level.
NOTICE: Do not operate the ve-
hicle until you know that the en-
gine oil level is sufficient.


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