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Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
All engine exhaust contains carbon
monoxide, a deadly gas. Breathing
carbon monoxide can cause head-
aches, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea,
confusion, and eventually death.
Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odor-
less, tasteless gas which may be pres-
ent even if you do not see or smell any
engine exhaust. Deadly levels of car-
bon monoxide can collect rapidly and
you can quickly be overcome and un-
able to save yourself. Also, deadly lev-
els of carbon monoxide can linger for
hours or days in enclosed or poorly
ventilated areas. If you experience any
symptoms of carbon monoxide poi-
soning, leave the area immediately, get
fresh air, and SEEK MEDICAL TREAT-
 Do not run engine indoors. Even if
you try to ventilate engine exhaust
with fans or open windows and
doors, carbon monoxide can rap-
idly reach dangerous levels.
 Do not run engine in poorly venti-
lated or partially enclosed areas
such as barns, garages, or car-
 Do not run engine outdoors where
engine exhaust can be drawn into
a building through openings such
as windows and doors.
Adding accessories or cargo to your
motorcycle can adversely affect stabil-
ity and handling if the weight distribu-
tion of the motorcycle is changed. To
avoid the possibility of an accident, use
extreme caution when adding cargo or
accessories to your motorcycle. Use
extra care when riding a motorcycle
that has added cargo or accessories.
Here, along with the information about
accessories below, are some general
guidelines to follow if loading cargo to
your motorcycle:
The total weight of the operator, pas-
senger, accessories and cargo must
not exceed the maximum load limit.
Operation of an overloaded vehicle
could cause an accident.
Maximum load:
180 kg (397 lb)
When loading within this weight limit,
keep the following in mind:
 Cargo and accessory weight
should be kept as low and close to
the motorcycle as possible. Se-
curely pack your heaviest items as
close to the center of the vehicle
as possible and make sure to dis-
tribute the weight as evenly as
possible on both sides of the mo-
torcycle to minimize imbalance or
 Shifting weights can create a sud-
den imbalance. Make sure that
accessories and cargo are se-
curely attached to the motorcycle
before riding. Check accessory
mounts and cargo restraints fre-
• Properly adjust the suspension
for your load (suspension-ad-
check the condition and pres-
sure of your tires.
• Never attach any large or heavy
items to the handlebar, front
fork, or front fender. These
items, including such cargo as
sleeping bags, duffel bags, or


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