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Warranty Rules - Toshiba BU302MG Manual

Cmos camera
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Warranty rules

Warranty term
Warranty term is 36 months after your purchase. We may assume the date of the purchase from our
shipping date when the date is unidentified.
Limited Warranty
Free warranty is not applicable for the troubles, damages or losses caused by the cases of the
followings, even if it is during the warranty term.
1. Natural exhaust, wear or degradation of a component parts
2. Handling against the instructions and conditions described in the instruction manual
3. Remodeling, adjustment and the part exchange. (including the opening of the enclosure box
and the alteration)
4. Using the accessories not included with the product or our non-designated optional articles
5. Damages caused during the transportation or deficiency of the handling such as drop or fall of
the products after the products having been transferred to customers, leaving the products to
corrosive environment such as sunlight, fire, sand, soil, heat, moisture, or an inappropriate
storing method
6. A fire, an earthquake, a flood, a lightning, or other natural disasters, pollution and a short circuit,
abnormal voltage, excessive physical pressure, theft, other accident
7. When connected to a product which is not recommended
8. When connected to the power supply which is not suitable
9. Forgery product, products which does not have proper serial number, products of which serial
number is forged, damaged or deleted
10. All defects that happened after the expiration for a warranty term
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