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detergent can damage parts of your
Use a soft cloth to dry your motorcy-
cle. As you dry, inspect your motor-
cycle for chips and scratches. Do not
let the water air dry as this can dam-
age the painted surfaces.
Start the engine and let it idle for sev-
eral minutes. The heat from the en-
gine will help dry moist areas.
Carefully ride your motorcycle at a
slow speed and apply the brakes
several times.
brakes and restores them to normal
operating performance.
Lubricate the drive chain to prevent
After riding in an area where the
roads are salted or near the ocean,
immediately wash your motorcycle
with cold water. Do not use warm
This helps dry the
water as it accelerates the chemical
reaction of the salt.
apply a corrosion protection spray
on all metal and chrome surfaces to
prevent corrosion.
Condensation may form on the inside
of the headlight lens after riding in the
rain, washing the motorcycle or hu-
mid weather. To remove the mois-
ture, start the engine and turn on the
headlight. Gradually the condensa-
tion on the inside of the lens will clear
(For silver mirror paint) If there are
scrapes on the painted surface, do
not wash your motorcycle with a
stream of high-pressure water. The
paint may be come off.
Clean off any obstructions with a
stream of low-pressure water.
After drying,


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