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Honeywell CL600A-1001 Program Manual page 2

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This device automatically turns your light or appliance on and off up to four
times a day. Use of the Timetracker option is recommended for sunset
scheduling to ensure that your light goes on at dusk, regardless of the hour at
which dusk occurs. Timetracker automatically adjusts for the changing hour of
sunset, allowing the light to come on every day at nightfall.
Once you have started setting and programming, Timetracker will lock itself
if 50 seconds pass without a press of a button. If this happens, press LOCK,
then FUNCTION until you reach the place where you left off and continue.
For this reason, please read and understand this entire instruction booklet before
you begin setting and programming.
On the CL600B-1009 wall switch model only, if the display does not show
when you are ready to begin programming, the unit's battery needs
recharging. With the unit wired and connected to the wall, place the switch
to AUTO. (This model MUST be switched to AUTO to recharge the battery.)
The battery will recharge sufficiently to bring the display on in 24 hours, but
will take several days to become fully charged. When the display comes on,
press RESET, and proceed with programming according to page 4.



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