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Siemens CP 243-1 Operating Instructions Manual Page 22

S7-200 industrial ethernet.
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Application and properties
1.6 IT communication
● E-mail number:
● Recipient address:
● Additional recipient address:
● Subject:
● E-mail text incl. placeholders and formatting characters:
Each address field may only contain one recipient address. If an e-mail needs to be sent to
several recipients, a distribution list must be set up on the e-mail server and this list must be
specified as the e-mail recipient.
In addition to the control characters for the placeholders of data values, the following
formatting characters are supported in the e-mail text:
● \nline feed
● \ttab
The maximum length of the e-mail text of 1024 characters relates to the actual message
text including all embedded placeholders and all formatting characters ("\n" and "\t").
If the maximum permitted length of 1024 characters is exceeded when the placeholders
are replaced by values, the e-mail text is truncated after 1024 characters and an error
message to this effect is returned. The truncated e-mail is nevertheless sent.
Conversion procedures such as MIME or UUENCODE are not supported. It is also not
possible to add attachments such as files to e-mails.
The e-mail function of the CP 243-1 can always be enabled or disabled in the configuration.
Communications partners
In addition to conventional PCs, it is possible in principle to specify any terminal with e-mail
capability as the e-mail recipient (for example cell phones or FAX machines).
Sending of e-mails is subordinate to S7 communication.
This number can be used by the S7-200 user program to reference a configured e-mail.
The e-mail address of the recipient. This address must always be specified.
The address of a recipient that will receive a copy of the e-mail. This address does not
have to be specified.
A short description of the e-mail. The subject must always be specified.
The actual information to be transferred is located here.
Operating Instructions, 03/2012, C79000-G8976-C244-02
CP 243-1


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