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Frequently Asked Questions - Philips MIRA M560 Short User Manual

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Frequently asked questions

No signal bar is displayed on the screen.
• The handset is out of range. Move it closer
to the base station.
• If the handset displays [Unregistered],
register your handset. (See the section on
"Register additional handsets").
If I fail to pair (register) the additional
handsets to the base station, what do I do?
• Your base memory is full. Access
[Services] > [Unregister] to unregister the
unused handsets and try again.
• If registration fails, unplug the power
adapter from the base station and plug it
back. Wait for 15 seconds, and then repeat
the registration procedure.
My handset is in searching or unavailable
status, what do I do?
• Make sure that the base station has power
• Move the handset closer to the base
• Register the handset to the base station.
I have chosen a wrong language which I
cannot read, what do I do?
1 Press
to go back to the standby screen.
2 Press
to access the main menu screen.
3 The following options will appear on the
[Phone setup] > [Language]
[Réglages] > [Langue]
[Telefon-Setup] > [Sprache]
[Config. telef.] > [Lingua]
4 Select them to access the language
5 Select your own language.
I have chosen a wrong country in Welcome
screen, what do I do?
Reset your phone settings to the original
factory settings (see the section on "Restore
default settings").
I cannot change the settings of my voice
mail, what do I do?
The voice mail service is managed by your
service provider but not the phone itself.
Contact your service provider to change the
The handset on the charger does not charge
or the battery discharges too fast.
• Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly.
• Make sure the handset is placed properly on
the charger. If the docking tone is turned on,
you can hear the docking tone when you
place the handset on the charging cradle.
• The charging contacts are dirty.
Disconnect the power supply first and
clean the contacts with a damp cloth.
• The battery is not fully recharged. Leave
the handset on the charging cradle for at
least 8 hours or until the battery icon on
the handset stops scrolling and indicates
full bar.
• The batteries are old or defective. Purchase
and replace with new rechargeable
batteries with the same specifications.
Bad audio (crackles, echo, etc.)
• The handset is nearly out of range. Move it
closer to the base station.
• The phone receives interference from the
nearby electrical appliances. Move the
base station away from them.
• The phone is at a location with thick walls.
Move the base away from them.
• The phone receives interference from the
DSL (digital subscriber line) connection.
Install a DSL filter to prevent the noise.
Contact your service provider for the DSL
The caller ID does not display.
• The service is not activated. Check with
your service provider.
• The caller's information is withheld or

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