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HP 5920 series Configuration Manual: Verifying The Configuration; Troubleshooting Mld; No Member Information Exists On The Receiver-side Router

Ip multicast.
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[SwitchB] interface vlan-interface 201
[SwitchB-Vlan-interface201] ipv6 pim dm
[SwitchB-Vlan-interface201] quit
# On Switch C, enable IPv6 multicast routing globally, enable MLD on VLAN-interface 200, and
enable IPv6 PIM-DM on each interface.
<SwitchC> system-view
[SwitchC] ipv6 multicast routing-enable
[SwitchC] interface vlan-interface 200
[SwitchC-Vlan-interface200] mld enable
[SwitchC-Vlan-interface200] ipv6 pim dm
[SwitchC-Vlan-interface200] quit
[SwitchC] interface vlan-interface 202
[SwitchC-Vlan-interface202] ipv6 pim dm
[SwitchC-Vlan-interface202] quit
Configure an IPv6 multicast group filter on Switch A so that the hosts connected to VLAN-interface
100 can join the IPv6 multicast group FF1E::101 only.
[SwitchA] acl ipv6 number 2001
[SwitchA-acl6-basic-2001] rule permit source ff1e::101 128
[SwitchA-acl6-basic-2001] quit
[SwitchA] interface vlan-interface 100
[SwitchA-Vlan-interface100] mld group-policy 2001
[SwitchA-Vlan-interface100] quit

Verifying the configuration

Display MLD information on VLAN-interface 200 of Switch B.
[SwitchB] display mld interface vlan-interface 200
Interface information
MLD is enabled.
MLD version: 1
Query interval for MLD: 125s
Other querier present time for MLD: 255s
Maximum query response time for MLD: 10s
Querier for MLD: FE80::200:5EFF:FE66:5100 (This router)
MLD groups reported in total: 1

Troubleshooting MLD

No member information exists on the receiver-side router

When a host sends a message to announce its joining IPv6 multicast group G, no member information
of multicast group G exists on the immediate router.



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