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Utensils; Not Suitable; Damage To Glassware And Other Dishes - Siemens SE 55M580 Instructions For Use Manual


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Adjusting the amount of
The amount of rinse-aid added to the
water can be varied by adjusting the
stepless control. The rinse-aid control has
been set to "4" in the factory.
Do not alter the setting of the rinse-aid
control unless streaks (turn knob towards
"–") or water marks (turn knob towards "+")
are left on the dishes.
Rinse-aid refill indicator
As soon as the rinse-aid refill indicator
lights up on the control panel
refill with rinse aid.
If using detergent products with integrated
rinse aid, the rinse-aid refill indicator
can be switched off (see "Switching
the rinse-aid refill indicator off and on"
in the "auto 3in1" chapter).
Downloaded from Manuals
Rinse aid controller


Not suitable

Cutlery and utensils made of wood.
Fragile decorative glasses,
hand-crafted and antique utensils.
These decorative items are not
Plastic parts sensitive to hot water.
Copper and tin utensils.
Utensils which are soiled with ash,
wax, lubricating grease or ink.
Absorbent materials such as sponges
and cloths.
Aluminium and silver parts have a
tendency to discolour and fade during the
wash cycle. Even some types of glass
(e.g. crystal glass objects) may turn cloudy
after many wash cycles.
In future buy utensils which are identified
as dishwasher-proof.
Damage to glassware and other
Possible causes:
type of glass or manufacturing process
chemical composition of detergent
water temperature and duration of
dishwasher programme.
Suggested remedy:
Use glassware or porcelain dishes that
have been marked 'dishwasher–proof'
by the manufacturer.
Use a mild detergent that is described
as 'kind to dishes'. If necessary, seek
further information from detergent
Select a programme with as low a
temperature and as short a duration as
To prevent damage, take glass and
cutlery out of the dishwasher as soon
as possible after the programme has

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents