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Additional Functions; Maintenance And Care; Overall Condition Of The Machine; Half Load - Siemens SE 55M580 Instructions For Use Manual


Table of Contents

Additional functions

on some models additional functions
can be set with the buttons.
Soaking *
The soaking cycle runs before the main
programme and must be selected before
the programme starts. In this additional
programme cooking utensils, e.g. pans,
bowls, etc., can be soaked and prerinsed
in the bottom basket.
It is recommended to put approx. 5 g of
detergent on the door.
Saving time (VarioSpeed) *
The >>Save time<< function can reduce
the running time by approx. 20% to 50%
depending on the selected rinse
programme. The particular change in
the running time is indicated on the time
remaining display. To obtain optimum
cleaning and drying results at a reduced
running time, water and energy
consumption are increased.

Half load*

If you have only a few items to wash (e.g.
glasses, cups, plates), you can switch to
"Half load". The "half load" additional
function saves water, energy and time. It is
recommended to put a little less detergent
in the detergent dispenser than for a full
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Maintenance and care

A regular inspection and maintenance of
your machine will help to prevent faults.
This saves time and prevents problems.
Overall condition of the
Check washing chamber for grease
and limescale deposits.
If you find such deposits:
Fill the detergent dispenser with
detergent, start the appliance without
utensils in the programme which has
the highest wash temperature.
Clean the appliance with detergents/
appliance cleaners which are particularly
suitable for use with dishwashers.
Regularly wipe the door seal with a
damp cloth.
Never use a steam cleaner to clean your
dishwasher. The manufacturer is not liable
for any consequential damage.
Regularly wipe the front of the appliance
and panel with a damp cloth; water and
a little washing-up liquid will suffice.
Do not use sponges with a rough surface
or abrasive detergents, as these could
scratch the surfaces.
Never use other chlorinated household
detergents! Health hazard!
Salt and rinse aid
Check the refill indicators
If required, top up the salt and/or rinse
The filters
prevent larger remnants of
food or other objects from getting inside
the pump. This residue can occasionally
clog up the filters.
The filter system consists of a filter
cylinder, a flat fine filter and, depending on
the model, a microfilter (*).

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents