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Detergent; Adding Detergent - Siemens SE 55M580 Instructions For Use Manual


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Top basket with side levers
Pull out the top basket.
To lower the basket, press in one lever
and then the other situated on the left
and right of the basket exterior, holding
the basket firmly on the sides of the
upper edge to prevent it from falling
To raise the basket, hold the basket on
the sides of the upper edge and lift it
Before re-inserting the basket again,
ensure that it is at the same height
on both sides. Otherwise, the appliance
door cannot be closed and the upper
spray arm will not be connected to
the water circuit.
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You can use commercially available liquid
or powder proprietary detergents for
dishwashers or TABS (do not use
If phosphate-free detergents are used with
hard tap water, white deposits may be
deposited more easily on utensils and
the container walls. This can be remedied
by adding more detergent.
See detergent packaging to determine
whether a detergent is suitable for silver
If you have any other questions, we
recommend that you contact the helplines
of the detergent manufacturers.
Detergent dispenser with
dosing aid
The graduated detergent dispenser helps
you pour in the correct amount.
Lower line:
15 ml
Middle line:
25 ml
Full to the brim:
40 ml
If the detergent dispenser
closed, press the lock
detergent dispenser.

Adding detergent

Fill the dispenser
Dosage: see manufacturer's
instructions on the detergent
The cleaning tabs from various
manufacturers exhibit differing dissolving
properties, so washing power may not
develop fully during short programmes and
there may be undissolved cleaning agent
residue. It is recommended to use
washing powder for these programmes.
The Intensive programme (on some
models) requires one tab only. When using
washing powder, you can apply some
of this cleaning agent to the inside of
the appliance's door.
is still
to open the
with detergent.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents