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Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus Connection Manual page 13

Traktor series
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Using CDJ/XDJ as
TRAKTOR Series Audio Output Devices
Set up the computer and TRATOR series in accordance with the following procedures.
When Using Windows® (Supported OS *:Windows 8 / Windows 7)
1. Install the driver software into the computer.
Please download the latest version of your CDJ/XDJ from the following website.
2. Select [Pioneer CDJ ASIO] in [File] → [Audio Setup] in the TRAKTOR series.
3. The CDJ/XDJ will be automatically selected as the audio output device.
If it is not selected automatically, set the necessary parameter manually from [File] →
[Audio Setup] → [Output Routing].
* As the CDJ/XDJ's ASIO driver is 32-bit, be sure to use the 32-bit version of TRAKTOR. Please see the Native
Instrument Support site for further details of how to install the 32-bit version.
When Using Mac OS
It is not necessary to install the driver software. Set up the computer in accordance with the following
procedures if multiple CDJ/XDJs are to be used as audio output device.
Pioneer provides the Mac OS tool that helps setting up the procedures.
Download the CDJ Aggregator from the "Software & firmware updates" from the website below.
Unzip the downloaded file and follow the procedures below.
1. Connect the CDJ/XDJ (or players, if more than one are to be connected) to the computer using a USB
2. Double click the [CDJ Aggregator] to create a [Pioneer CDJ] device set.
3. Select the Device set created in the above process 2 from [File] → [Audio Setup] on the TRAKTOR
4. The CDJ/XDJ will be automatically selected as the audio output device.
If the settings are not made automatically, set the necessary parameters manually from [File] →
[Audio Setup] → [Output Routing].


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