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Side Access Panel Solenoid Lock; Cable Lock (optional); Fault Notification And Recovery; Ecc Fault Prediction - HP Z228 Maintenance And Service Manual

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Setting the protection level
To set the Smart Cover Sensor protection level:
Turn on or restart the computer.
During startup, press and hold the
bypass the title screen, if necessary.
then press and hold the
If you are using a PS/2 keyboard, you might see a keyboard error message. Disregard it.
Select Security > Smart Cover > Cover Removal Sensor, and follow the onscreen instructions.
Before exiting, select File > Save Changes and Exit.

Side access panel solenoid lock

The side access panel solenoid lock (available only on specific workstations) secures the side access panel to
the chassis. The solenoid is controlled by a local or remote signal.
To lock the solenoid, set a password for the solenoid lock in Computer Setup (f10) Utility. To unlock the
solenoid, remove the solenoid lock password in Computer Setup (f10) Utility.
The solenoid lock FailSafe Key (available from HP) is is a device for manually disabling the solenoid lock. You
will need the FailSafe Key in case of a forgotten password, power loss, or computer malfunction.

Cable lock (optional)

To prevent theft, you can attach a keyed cable lock to the rear chassis panel. This cable lock attaches to the
chassis and secures it to the work area.

Fault notification and recovery

Fault notification and recovery features combine innovative hardware and software technology to prevent
the loss of critical data and minimize unplanned downtime.
If the computer is connected to a network that is managed by HP CMS, the computer sends a fault notice to
the network management application. With HP CMS, you can also remotely schedule diagnostics to run on
managed PCs and create a summary report of failed tests.

ECC fault prediction

When the computer encounters an excessive number of error checking and correcting (ECC) memory errors, it
displays a local alert message. This message contains information about the errant DIMM, enabling you to
take action before you experience noncorrectable memory errors. ECC DIMMs are standard on this computer.

Thermal sensors

Several thermal sensors in the HP workstation regulate computer fans to maintain an acceptable, efficient
chassis temperature.

Programmable power button (Windows only)

With ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) enabled, you can customize the behavior of the
power button so that rather than powering down, the workstation enters sleep mode (low power state), or
hibernate mode (very low power state). This lets you go to standby without closing applications, and then
return to the same operational state without any data loss.
Chapter 2 System management
If you do not press the
key again to access Computer Setup (f10) Utility.
key until you enter Computer Setup (f10) Utility. Press
key at the appropriate time, you must restart the computer, and


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