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Location And Function Of Controls; System Requirements - LG GCR-8522B Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
• E-IDE interface
• 52X-speed Max 7800KB/sec data transfer rate
• Motorized tray loading system
• Designed for internal mounting
• Emergency eject support
• Supports Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME & XP Plug-
and-Play ATAPI protocol

System Requirements*

• IBM PC AT or compatible, Pentium-233MHz
processor or higher (higher recommended).
• 640 Kb memory
(16Mb or higher recommended).
• A suitable free standard 5 1/4" internal drive bay.
• MS-DOS version 3.1 or higher.
(Windows 95 and above recommended).
• 3.5" 1.44 Mb Floppy Drive.
• An existing IDE controller with an available cable
connector or a new IDE controller (recommended
with IDE PIO Mode 4 capability) that you will need
to install.
* Please note: certain software (i.e. particularly
those including Video playback) may require an
considerably increased specification PC to give
acceptable results.

Location and Function of Controls

Front Panel
1. Disc Tray
2. Drive activity indicator
3. Emergency Eject Hole
4. Stop/Eject Button
Rear Panel
1. Digital Audio Output Connector
2. Analog Audio Output Connector
3. Jumper Connector
This jumper determines whether the drive is
configured as a master or slave. Changing the
master-slave configuration takes effect after
power-on reset.
4. IDE Interface Connector
Connect to the IDE (Integrated Device Electronics)
Interface using a 40-pin flat IDE cable.
NOTE : Do not connect or disconnect the cable
when the power is on, as this could cause a short
circuit and damage the system. Always turn the
power OFF when connecting or disconnecting the
5. Power Connector
Supplied Accessories
z Owner's Manual
z Audio Cable


Table of Contents

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