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Helpful Hints And Tips; Cleaning And Maintenance - Black & Decker CJ800 Original Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Symbols on appliance
The following symbols may be shown on the
tool along with the date code:
Do not approach moving parts
1. Lid
2. Small juice extractor
3. Large juice extractor
4. Pulp strainer
5. Filter basket
6. Spout
7. Motor unit
• This appliance is supplied fully
assembled & only requires parts to be
cleaned before use.See "Cleaning" for
• Leave a space of at least 50mm all
around the appliance.
• Prepare the fruit by rolling it gently
between the hands for a moment or two
then cut it in half.
• Connect the appliance to a suitable
electrical supply.
• Place a jug below the spout (6) and open
the spout (6) by pulling it down.
• Press the cut face of the fruit onto the
juice extractor of choice (2 or 3).
Pressing on the juice extractor will start
the motor in the base. The juice extractor
will rotate, cutting into the fruit and the
juice will flow into the jug.
• The juicer will automatically stop once
you stop applying downward pressure on
the juice extractor (2) with the fruit.
(Original instructions)
• Once juicing is completed, the lid (1) can
be placed over the unit.
• Drips can be prevented by closing the
spout between uses
Warning! After 3 minutes of use, the Juicer
should be allowed to cool completely
before further use.

Helpful hints and tips

• Choose fresh, ripe fruit as they will yield
more juice.
• Drink the juice immediately after you
have extracted it. If it is exposed to air
for some time, the juice will lose its taste
and nutritional value.
• Wash fruits and dry them well, if

Cleaning and maintenance

Warning! Before cleaning and maintenance,
switch the appliance off and remove the
plug from the socket.
Warning! Allow the unit to thoroughly cool
down before attempting to clean it.
Warning! do not immerse motor housing in
water or any other liquid. Motor must
always be kept dry.
• The appliance is easier to clean if you do
so immediately after use.
• Do not use abrasive cleaning agents,
scourers, acetone, alcohol etc. to clean
the appliance.
• All detachable plastic parts are
• Place the detachable plastic parts on the
top tray of the dishwasher. Make sure
they are placed well away from the
heating element.
• Clean the motor unit with a damp cloth.


Table of Contents

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