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Maintenance - BLADEZ X-350p Owner's Manual

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Care has been taken to assure that your bike has been properly adjusted and lubricated at the factory. It is
not recommended that the user attempt service on the internal components instead seek service from an
authorized service center. However, from time-to-time the outer surfaces may appear dull or dirty, following
the instructions listed below will restore and preserve the original finish.
Cleaning metal surfaces may be accomplished by using a soft cotton or terry cloth rag with a light application
of car wax. Do not use aerosol sprays or pump bottles as they may deposit wax upon the console surface.
From time-to-time the console surface may collect dust or finger prints. The use of harsh chemicals will
destroy the protective coating and cause a static build up that will damage the components. This surface may
be cleaned with specially prepared chemicals found in most computer supply stores especially made for anti-
static surfaces. It is strongly recommended that you purchase such a cleaning compound.

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