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One For All URC-8910 User Manual: Error Messages

A/v lcd 8-device with learning universal remote control.
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Tried Search For Your Code method and still could not find
a working code.
Your device may be newer than the URC-8910 remote
control. See About Upgrading on page 51.
Your satellite (DSS) receiver does not respond to the codes
listed on page 18.
Make sure the satellite (DSS) receiver can be operated
with an Infrared (IR) remote control and is not set up to
receive only Radio Frequency (RF) signals.
A wrong key sequence or incorrect data has
been entered. Try entry again.
Requested manufacturer's code has not been
found in the remote control's database. Try
another code.
Macro sequence being entered has reached the
maximum limit of 15 keystrokes. Try entry
again with fewer keystrokes.
A complete cycle of code search in the
URC-8910 remote control's database has been
reached. Try another code search or contact
Customer Support (see page 74)
An error has occurred during a learning or
programming sequence. Try entry again.
Indicates a check result of E2 status is either
bad or is not present. Contact Customer
Support (see page 74).
Indicates data captured during learning has
filled the URC-8910 remote control's memory.
Try deleting older learned keys to free up
memory space (see page 31).
Indicates data captured during learning has
caused a error in the URC-8910 remote con-
trol's memory. Try learning again.


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  • Bobby Jun 09, 2017 05:40:
    ok, what do you want to know? I need to use it for a lg blueray that I lost the remote to.