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Yamaha YVC-1000 User Manual page 4

Microphone & speaker system
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Step 2: How to set
To connect the handheld microphone to YVC-1000 for use, you have to change the YVC-1000
settings. Use the application software "YVC-1000 Configurator" to change the settings.
This manual explains how to change the settings with a PC. Please refer to the YVC-1000 user's manual when
checking difference in operation between a PC and a Mac.
1. Download "" from the following website, and decompress the file.
"XXX" in the file name indicates the version of YVC-1000 Configurator.
2. Connect YVC-1000 and the PC with the supplied USB cable.
3. Double-click "YVC-1000 Configurator.exe" in the decompressed folder.
"YVC-1000 Configurator" starts up. At the initial startup, the "YVC-1000 Licensing Agreement" dialogue
appears. Read the information carefully, then select "Accept all terms of the license agreement" and
click "OK."
Also, when you re-download the latest version of "YVC-1000 Configurator," the "YVC-1000 Licensing
Agreement" dialogue appears at the initial startup.
4. In the "YVC-1000 Configurator" window, select the "AUDIO IN" tab.



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