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Yamaha YVC-1000 User Manual page 2

Microphone & speaker system
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To use a wired handheld microphone by connecting to
You can connect up to two handheld microphones to YVC-1000, and use them as external
microphones. Voice through the external microphone is output not only to a communication
partner, but also from the connected YVC-1000 speaker. With the connected external microphone,
you can turn up the voice volume at your site and also have a conversation with the partner.
To use this function, you need the YVC-1000 firmware ver.2.00 or later.
■ Operability confirmed handheld microphone
 Yamaha: DM-105
 Audio-Technica: PRO41
 Shure: SM58
* Some models may be unavailable in some areas.
Handheld microphones which can be directly connected to YVC-1000 are dynamic microphones. Do not use a
condenser microphone.



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