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Yamaha YVC-1000 User Manual page 13

Microphone & speaker system
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1. Turn off all DIP switches of Revolabs HD Base Station.
2. Connect the YVC-1000 audio input terminal (RCA pin) and the OUT (CH1/CH2) terminal of Revolabs HD
Base Station with a commercially available audio cable.
Before connecting Revolabs HD Base Station, turn off YVC-1000.
Prepare an "RCA pin plug↔mini plug (monaural)" audio cable.
Both of the OUT terminals (CH1 and CH2) of Revolabs HD Base Station are connectable. When using
two wireless microphones, connect them to CH1 and CH2.
Both of the YVC-1000 audio input terminals (L and R) are connectable. When using two wireless
microphones, connect them to the terminal L and the terminal R.
You can use the external microphone simultaneously with the microphone supplied with YVC-1000, or
the optional microphone (YVC-MIC1000EX). Also, you can use it in combination with an external
Step 2: How to set
To connect Revolabs HD Single/Dual to YVC-1000 for use, you have to change the YVC-1000 settings. Use the
application software "YVC-1000 Configurator" to change the settings.
This manual explains how to change the settings with a PC. Please refer to the YVC-1000 user's manual
when checking difference in operation between a PC and a Mac.
Change the settings of the terminal to which the audio cable is connected. When using two wireless
microphones, change the settings of both terminals.
1. Download "" from the following website, and decompress the file.
"XXX" in the file name indicates the version of YVC-1000 Configurator.
2. Connect YVC-1000 and the PC with the supplied USB cable.
3. Double-click "YVC-1000 Configurator.exe" in the decompressed folder.
"YVC-1000 Configurator" starts up. At the initial startup, the "YVC-1000 Licensing Agreement" dialogue
appears. Read the information carefully, then select "Accept all terms of the license agreement" and
click "OK."
Also, when you re-download the latest version of "YVC-1000 Configurator," the "YVC-1000 Licensing
Agreement" dialogue appears at the initial startup.



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