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Viewing 3d Imaging (Only 3d models)

Viewing Environment
y Viewing Time
- When watching 3D contents, take 5 - 15 minute breaks every hour. Viewing 3D contents for a long
period of time may cause headache, dizziness, fatigue or eye strain.
Those that have a photosensitive seizure or chronic illness
y Some users may experience a seizure or other abnormal symptoms when they are exposed to a
flashing light or particular pattern from 3D contents.
y Do not watch 3D videos if you feel nausea, are pregnant and/ or have a chronic illness such as epilepsy,
cardiac disorder, or blood pressure disease, etc.
y 3D Contents are not recommended to those who suffer from stereo blindness or stereo anomaly. Double
images or discomfort in viewing may be experienced.
y If you have strabismus (cross-eyed), amblyopia (weak eyesight) or astigmatism, you may have trouble
sensing depth and easily feel fatigue due to double images. It is advised to take frequent breaks than
the average adult.
y If your eyesight varies between your right and left eye, revise your eyesight prior to watching 3D
Symptoms which require discontinuation or refraining from watching 3d contents
y Do not watch 3D contents when you feel fatigue from lack of sleep, overwork or drinking.
y When these symptoms are experienced, stop using/watching 3D contents and get enough rest until the
symptom subsides.
- Consult your doctor when the symptoms persist. Symptoms may include headache, eyeball pain,
dizziness, nausea, palpitation, blurriness, discomfort, double image, visual inconvenience or fatigue.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents