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Key Lock; Recording Messages - Sanyo ICR-NT300 Instruction Manual

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in LQHQ mode) in all the folders. 27 messages are the limit for each folder.
1. Press and hold STOP/MODE button 3 seconds, folder (box) number will flash. Press REW or F.FWD button
to select the folder from  to 8 for storing you message to be recorded.
2. Press PLAY/PAUSE button to confirm your selection.
NOTE: The recorder is preset to use Folder 1.
Selecting MIC Sensibility
The recorder provides two different microphone recording sensibility based on recording distance. To get better
sound quality, switch MIC Sense to HIGH position when recording is far away. If recording is near by, just switch
MIC Sense back to LOW position.

Key Lock

To prevent unintentional operation of the recorder, sliding LOCK switch to ON position, it will disable all function
keys and LOCK icon appears.
Selecting Record Quality
The recorder provides four different voice recording quality modes. For the best performance, select LQHQ (Super
High Play time: 03:00:00); for very good sound quality, choose HQ (High Play time : 04:30:00). For a reasonably
good quality, select LQ (Medium Play time: :30:00) and for longer recording time, choose standard (Long Play
time 5:20:00).
Follow these steps to select the recording quality modes.
. In Time Display mode, press and hold STOP/MODE button 3 seconds, then press STOP/PUASE button
again to enter into recording quality-setting mode. The recording time and "LEFT" will display.
2. Repeatedly press REW or F.FWD button to select the desired recording mode (Standard, LQ, HQ or LQHQ).
3. Press PAUSE/MODE button to confirm your selection and exit.

Recording Messages

The unit is capable of recording only when the sound is heard. To use this feature, see next "VOX Recording".
For normal recording, follow steps below.
. Make sure VOX switch on rear of the unit is set to OFF, then selecting the desired recording quality mode as
described in "Selecting Recording Quality" (Standard, LQ, HQ or LQHQ).
2. Select a desired folder as described in "Selecting a Folder" (~8).
3. To record message: In Time Display mode, press REC/STOP or PLAY/PAUSE to enter into Digital Voice
Recorder mode. Press REC/PAUSE again to commence recording. Speak to the built-in microphone or the
external microphone that has plugged into the MIC jack.
The recording REC lamp turns on. A new message number and REC signal appears on the display, and the
elapsed recording time is also shown.
4. Press REC/PAUSE button to pause recording, the signal of PAUSE appears on display and flashes together
with REC LED. Press REC/PAUSE again to resume recording.
5. Press STOP/MODE button to stop the recording. The recording signal will disappear and Digital Voice
Recorder mode will display.



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