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Sound Menu - Samsung PS58C6505 User Manual

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Basic Features
Using Your TV as a Computer (PC) Display
Setting Up Your PC Software (Based on Windows XP)
Depending on the version of Windows and the video card,
the actual screens on your PC may differ in which case the
same basic set-up information will almost always be applied.
(If not, contact your computer manufacturer or Samsung
1. Click on "Control Panel" on the Windows start menu.
2. Click on "Appearance and Themes" in the "Control
Panel" window and a display dialog-box will appear.
3. Click on "Display" and a display dialog box will appear.
4. Navigate to the "Settings" tab on the display dialog-box.
y The correct size setting (resolution) [Optimum: 1920 X
1080 pixels]
y If a vertical-frequency option exists on your display
settings dialog box, the correct value is "60" or "60 Hz".
Otherwise, just click "OK" and exit the dialog box.

Sound Menu

Changing the Preset Sound Mode
SRS TheaterSound
■ Standard: Selects the normal sound mode.
■ Music: Emphasizes music over voices.
■ Movie: Provides the best sound for movies.
■ Clear Voice: Emphasizes voices over other sounds.
■ Amplify: Increase the intensity of high-frequency sound
to allow a better listening experience for the hearing
Adjusting Sound Settings
Adjusts the sound mode (standard sound mode only).
■ Balance L/R: Adjusts the balance between the right and
left speaker.
■ 100Hz / 300Hz / 1kHz / 3kHz / 10kHz (Bandwidth
Adjustment): Adjusts the level of specific bandwidth
■ Reset: Resets the equalizer to its default settings.
Sound Systems, Etc.
SRS TruSurround HD (Off / On)
(standard sound mode only)
This function provides a virtual 5.1 channel surround sound
experience through a pair of speakers using HRTF (Head
Related Transfer Function) technology.
SRS TruDialog (Off / On)
(standard sound mode only)
This function allows you to increase the intensity of a voice
over background music or sound effects so that dialog can
be heard more clearly.
Audio Language
(digital channels only)
Change the default value for audio languages.
The available language may differ depending on the
Audio Format
(digital channels only)
When sound is emitted from both the main speaker and the
audio receiver, a sound echo may occur due to the decoding
speed difference between the main speaker and the audio
receiver. In this case, use the TV Speaker function.
Audio Format option may differ depending on the
broadcast. 5.1ch Dolby digital sound is only available
when connecting an external speaker through an
optical cable.
Audio Description
(not available in all locations) (digital
channels only)
This function handles the Audio Stream
for the AD (Audio Description) which is
sent along with the Main audio from the
■ Audio Description (Off / On): Turn
the audio description function on or
■ Volume: Adjust the audio description volume.


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