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My Local Profile
My local profile is your own contact record, listed under ME
in Contacts. You can send My local profile as a vCard using
Bluetooth or as an attachment.
Creating My Local Profile
1. From a Home screen, touch
2. Under ME touch Set up profile.
3. Enter your information in the contact fields. For more
information, refer to "Adding Contacts" on page 58.
Sending My Local Profile
You can send your profile as a vCard using Bluetooth to other
Bluetooth devices, or as an attachment.
1. From a Home screen, touch
2. Touch your profile to display your contact information.
3. Touch
Menu, then touch Share namecard via.
4. Choose a sending method from the Share namecard via
screen, then follow the prompts to send the profile.

Linking Contacts

Your phone can synchronize with multiple accounts,
including Google, Corporate, and other providers, plus social
networking sites like Facebook. When you synchronize
contacts from these accounts with your phone, you may have
multiple contacts representing one person.
Linking contact records allows you to see all the contact's
numbers and addresses together. Linking also helps you
keep your contacts updated, because any changes to
information in the respective accounts is automatically
updated the next time you synchronize with the account.


Table of Contents

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