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Table of Contents
• Speak passwords: Read out password information.
• Answering/ending calls: Accept incoming calls by
pressing the home key or end calls using the
power key.
• Show shortcut: Allow the accessibility shortcut under
the Phone options to be used by pressing and holding
the power key.
• Manage accessibility: Save and update your
accessibility settings or share them with another
device. You can export your settings, import a
previously saved file, or share your file with another
• TalkBack: Activate the TalkBack feature.
Note: TalkBack, when installed and enabled, speaks feedback
to help blind and low-vision users.
Important! TalkBack can collect all of the text you enter,
except passwords, including personal data and
credit card numbers. It may also log your user
interface interactions with the phone.
• Font size: Change the size of the fonts used on the
phone within menus, options, and so on. Choose from:
Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, or Huge.
• Magnification gestures: Use exaggerated gestures
such as triple-tapping, double pinching, and dragging
two fingers across the screen.
• Negative colors: Reverse the display of onscreen
colors from White text on a Black background to Black
text on a White background.
• Accessibility shortcut: Quickly enable accessibility
features in two quick steps. Touch the ON/OFF button
to turn it ON
• Text-to-speech options: Adjust your text-to-speech
settings. For more information, refer to "Text-to-Speech
Options" on page 175.
. Follow the onscreen instructions.


Table of Contents

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