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General Notes; Changing The Battery; Customer Service - Kärcher VC 6300 Manual

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Change the motor protection filter
Motor protection filter: change before the
last filter bag is removed from the filter bag
 The motor protection filter is behind the in-
serted filter bag. Change the motor protec-
tion filter before you insert the filter bag.
 Unlock the frame and remove.
 Remove the lower part of the frame,
take out old engine protection filter and
dispose it off. Insert the new engine pro-
tection filter in the frame and replace
the lower part of the frame.
 Insert and click the frame into its place.
Change the EPA-filter
Order no. 6.414-805
Filter for pure blower air.
EPA filter: Change once a year.
 Open cover.
 Unlock the EPA filter and remove.
 Insert the new EPA filter and click it into
 Close the lid.
Cleaning of the ComfoGlide nozzle
The ComfoGlide nozzle must be cleaned
 Remove the nozzle from the suction pipe.
 Clean the back steering roller:
The easiest way to do this, is to remove the
roller. Unscrew the axle and pull out. Dust
fluff, hair etc. can now be removed easily.
Fit the steering roller back into place.
Cleaning the accessories
 Handle and suction tube can be discon-
nected in order to clean or if clogged.
Push the 2 interlocks and pull apart.
 Connect handle and suction tube and
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Changing the battery

Note: The battery should not be empty if
you want to ensure cable-free transmis-
sion. Please replace the battery if you see
no reaction or just inadequate reaction
when you press the keys.
 Slide and remove the battery compart-
ment cover.
 Remove old batteries and dispose them
off properly.
 Insert new batteries; pay attention to
correct polarity.
 Replace the battery compartment cover
and close it.

General notes

The terms of the guarantee applicable in
each country have been published by our
respective national distributors. We will re-
pair possible faults on your unit free of
charge within the warranty period, insofar
as the faults are caused by material defects
or defective workmanship. Guarantee
claims should be addressed to your dealer
or the nearest authorized customer service
centre, and supported by documentary evi-
dence of purchase.
(See address on the reverse)

Customer Service

Our KÄRCHER branch will be pleased to
help you further in the case of questions or
faults. See address on the reverse.
Ordering spare parts and special at-
At the end of the operating instructions you
will find a selected list of spare parts that
are often required.
You can procure the spare parts and the at-
tachments from your dealer or your
KÄRCHER branch office.
(See address on the reverse)
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