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English - Kenwood SMP06 Instructions Manual

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Read these instructions carefully and retain
for future reference.
Remove all packaging and any labels.
Switch off and unplug:
Never let the power unit, cord or plug get
Never use a damaged appliance. Get it
checked or repaired : see 'service and
customer care'.
Never use an unauthorised attachment.
Never leave the appliance on unattended.
Always wait until the blades have
completely stopped before removing the
bottle from the power unit.
use with cold ingredients. Do not
process hot ingredients.
SCALD RISK: The unit may also be used
for making soups. Liquids should be
allowed to cool to room temperature
before blending.
Never drink any hot liquids from the bottle.
When drinking through the lid, take care
that the drink is smooth. Some
experimentation may be necessary to
achieve the desired result, particularly
when processing firm or unripened foods
as you may find that some ingredients
remain unprocessed.


before fitting and removing parts
after use
before cleaning.
The bottle is only suitable for



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