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Your Navigation System is a highly-
sophisticated yet easy-to-use system
with visual and voice guidance that uses
satellites and a map database to show
you where you are and help guide you to
a desired destination.
The Navigation System receives signals
from the Global Positioning System
(GPS), a network of 24 satellites in orbit
around the earth. By receiving signals
from several of these satellites, the
Navigation System can determine the
latitude, longitude, and other positioning
information for your motorcycle. In
addition, a speed sensor on your
motorcycle keeps track of the speed of
travel at all times.
GPS is operated by the U.S. Department
of Defense. The system is subject to
changes that could affect the accuracy
and performance of all GPS equipment,
including your Navigation System. For
example, you may be riding down a
highway and your Navi system, relying
on GPS data, will tell you you are on the
frontage road adjacent to the highway
you are actually on. However, you
should find your experience with GPS
Downloaded from
navigation highly satisfactory.
The Navigation System is easy to use.
The locations of many places of business
and entertainment are already entered in
the system. You can select any of them
as a destination by using the control
panel on the right fairing. If a desired
destination is not in the system's
database, you can still enter it and the
system should be able to direct you to it
in most cases. You can also save (store)
locations in the system as Favorite
Places. The system also retains your last
25 finds as Previous Finds so you can
easily return to them, and allows you to
store a home address to simplify
returning home from your destination.
The system provides map coverage for
the 50 U.S. states and Canada. The
coverage consists of accurately mapped
metropolitan and rural areas.
Roads within metropolitan areas,
interstate highways, and major roads
connecting cities are typically verified.
Verified roads have been driven by the
database supplier and information like
manuals search engine
the road's average speed, turn
restrictions, or whether it is a one-way
street are contained in the Navigation
The route calculated by the system may
not be the shortest possible because only
major roads are mapped in non-detailed
areas. You may be aware of secondary
roads that shorten the travel distance and
While you are riding, the Navigation
System provides voice guidance so you
do not have to take your eyes off the
road. These instructions are provided in
advance of the actual riding maneuver so
you have time to slow down and prepare
for the maneuver.


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