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EPSON Stylus Photo R340/350
• White bands/
A vertical (perpendicular to the CR
moving direction) white line (trace of
Star Wheel) appears on printouts.
Printouts are faint
• Displacement
Printing operations are performed
of the print start
properly, but the top margin is narrower
than usual.
Table 1-14. Print Quality Problems (continued)
Failed Part
EJ Frame Assy.
1. Check if the Star Wheel Holder has not come off.
EJ Frame Assy.
2. Check if the EJ Frame Assy. surface stays in a horizontal
EJ Roller Assy.
1. Check if the EJ Roller Assy. has not come off the Printer
Printer driver and
1. Check if appropriate type of paper is used in accordance
Special paper
with the printer driver setting.
Print Head
1. Check if the Head ID written in the EEPROM is correct
using the Adjustment Program.
Shaft Assy. Holder 1. Check the LD Roller surface if it is free of paper dust.
Check Point
1. Install the Star Wheel Holder correctly.
Star Wheel Holder
2. Replace the EJ Frame Assy. with a new one.
1. Install the EJ Roller Assy. correctly.
1. Use an appropriate type of paper in
1. Write the correct 15-digit Head ID to the
1. Wipe the paper dust on the LD Roller with a
LD Roller
Revision A
accordance with the printer driver setting.
EEPROM with the Adjustment Program.
clean cloth moistened with alcohol.
* If the problem still occurs after performing
the above remedies, replace the LD Roller
with a new one.


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