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Maintenance - Black & Decker HP12 Instruction Manual

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Caution! The power supplier for this charger should
be protected by a residual current device(reted at
30mA or less). A residual current device reduces the
risk of electric shock.
f Charge the battery at an atmospheric temperature of
between 4 and 40ºC.
f Plug the charger (13) into the mains. And no lights on.
f Remove the battery (9) from the appliance by pressing
the battery unlocking button (8) and pulling the battery
out of the appliance.
f Plug charging jack into the carging base. The green
light will illuminate when connected.
f Insert the battery into charging base. The red and
green light will illuminate when properly connected
and charging.
f The green light will illuminate when the battery
reaches full charge.
Check battery charge
f Press the on/off switch (7) an d the indicate the
level of charge.
Before use:
f Make sure that all the product's packaging has
been removed.
f Prepare the appliance according to the function you
wish to use:
Insert a drill bit
f To open the drill's chuck (1), whilst completely turn
the chuck counter clockwise.
f Insert the drill bit, screwdriver bit, or other tool/
accessory required for the task, into the chuck. In
order to obtain a secure fastening of the bit, insert
the bit as far as you can into the chuck, turn the chuck
clockwise until it is firmly closed.
f In order to remove accessories from the chuck,
follow the same steps as indicated previously but in
reverse order.
Screwing, drilling/unscrewing
f To drill or screw, ALWAYS have the direction set to
clockwise (CW).
f To unscrew, set the direction to counter clockwise
f The appliance should not be in use when changing
the screwing direction.
How to select the direction of the rotation
f Do not change the direction of the rotation whilst
the tool motor is in operation.
f The appliance has a selector (6), which allows the
direction of rotation to be changed
Variable speed control:
f The speed of the appliance can be regulated
according to the pressure exerted on the on/off
switch (7). This function is very useful, as it makes it
possible to adapt the speed of the appliance to the
type of work that needs to be done.
f If the appliance works continuously at low
speed, working life of the appliance will be
reduced considerably.
Mechanical Speed change
f 1st speed: Move backwards the selector (12)
f 2nd speed: Move forwards the selector (12)
f The appliance should not be in use when changing
the speed.
Select the function
f Turn the selector (10) until the arrow on the appliance
points to (
f Turn the selector (2) from (1) to (20) until the desired
result is obtained.
f Turn the selector (10) until the arrow on the appliance
points to (
Drilling with Impact Function
f Turn the selector (10) until the arrow on the appliance
points to (
f Select the appliance function desired. (2)
f Turn the appliance on, by using the on/off button (7).
f Stop the appliance by releasing the on/off switch.


Keep guards, air vents and the motor housing as clear as
possible of dust and dirt. Wipe with a clean cloth and blow
through with a low-pressure air supply. Excessive build-up
of metal dust can cause tracking of electrical current from
the internal parts to exposed metal parts.
Important! To assure product SAFETY and RELIABILITY,
repairs, maintenance and adjustment (other than those
listed in this manual) should be performed by authorized
service centers or other qualified service personnel,
always using identical replacement parts.
Recommended accessories for use with your tool are
available from your local dealer or authorized service center.
Warning! The use of any accessory not recommended
for use with this tool could be hazardous.

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