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Samsung Galaxy S III mini User Manual Page 57

4g lte smartphone.
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7. Touch the Email address field. The Home button
initially displays next to the Email address field.
If you want to add another email address, touch the
Home button and select from Home, Work, Other, or
Custom (add your own label).
8. Enter the Email address. Touch
Email address field or touch
9. Touch any of the following fields that you want to add
to your new contact:
• Groups: Assign the contact to Not assigned, ICE -
emergency contacts, Co-workers, Family, or Friends.
• Ringtone: Adds a field used to assign a message tone
that will sound when messages are received from this
• Message alert: Allows you to set the ringtone for your
message alerts.
• Vibration pattern: Allows you to set the specific type of
to add another
to delete a field.
• Add another field: Touch this button to add another
field such as Phonetic name, Organization, IM,
Address, Notes, Nickname, Website, Internet call,
Events, or Relationship.
10. Touch Save to save the new contact.
Add Pauses and Waits to Contact
When you call automated systems, you are often required to
enter a password or account number. Instead of manually
entering the numbers each time, you can store the numbers
in your Contacts along with special characters called pauses
and waits. A pause will stop the calling sequence for two
seconds and a wait will pause the calling sequence until you
enter a number or press a key.
1. From the Home screen, touch
touch the name or number to open the Contact.
2. Touch
to edit.
3. Touch the phone number field at the position where the
pause or wait needs to be added.
4. Touch
Contacts, and then


Table of Contents

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