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Samsung Galaxy S III mini User Manual Page 121

4g lte smartphone.
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Table of Contents
Learn from Twitter: Log in to your Twitter account
so your device can learn your Twitter style.
Learn from Messages: Allow your device to learn
from your Messages style.
Learn from Contacts: Allow your device to learn
from your Contacts style.
Clear personalized data: Remove all personalized
data that you have entered.
• Auto capitalization: Automatically capitalize the first
letter of the first word in each sentence (standard
English style).
• Auto spacing: Automatically insert spaces between
• Auto punctuate: Automatically insert a full stop in a
sentence by touching the space bar twice when using
the onscreen QWERTY keyboard.
• Keyboard swipe: Touch one of the following:
None: Turn Keyboard swipe off.
Continuous input: Enable the Continuous input
feature. When enabled, you can enter text by sliding
your finger across the keyboard.
Cursor control: Move the cursor by sliding your
finger across the keyboard.
• Key tap feedback: Select one or more of the
Sound: Enable or disable auditory feedback when
you touch an onscreen key.
Character preview: Provide an automatic preview
of the current character selection within the text
string. This is helpful when multiple characters are
available within one key.
• Tutorial: Display more information about using the
Samsung keyboard.
• Reset settings: Reset the keyboard settings back to
their original configuration.


Table of Contents

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