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Phoenix has an ambient light sensor calibration tool for changing calibration values. Concerning Poliwag
ALS, there is no need for performing a pull-up resistor calibration (as for earlier Ambient Light Sensors).
Re-tune Poliwag ALS as follows:
1. Connect the reference phone to
ambient light is as stabile as possible seen by Poliwag ALS. Light guide of the ALS is located in the upper
part of the phone's A-Cover.
Phoenix .
2. Start
3. Choose File→Scan Product.
4. Choose Testing→Display Test.
You should see the following window:
Open the Lights tab, check the Ambient Light Sensor check box, Click Read to get reference ambient
light value from the Luminance text box and write it down.
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to calibrate the phone and make sure the phone to be calibrated is located in the same
place as the reference phone was when luminance reading was taken. Write down the illuminance of the
phone to be calibrated.
6. Calculate the co-efficient from the reference and the phone to be calibrated luminance values by division:
Co-efficient = luminance (reference phone) / luminance (phone to be calibrated), write down the
calculated co-efficient value.
7. Choose Tuning→Ambient Light Sensor Calibration .
You should see the following window:
Page 3 –48
Phoenix and set the phone (e.g. on the table) so that the amount of
Ambient Light Sensor Calibration window
Figure 23
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