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Using Data Service - Samsung pn50c7000yfxza User Manual

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If Your TV Fails to Connect to the Internet
Your TV may not be able to connect to the Internet
because your ISP has permanently registered the
MAC address (a unique identifying number) of your
PC or modem, which it then authenticates each time
you connect to the Internet as a way of preventing
unauthorized access. As your TV has a different MAC
address, your ISP can not authenticate its MAC address,
and your TV can not connect.
To resolve this problem, ask your ISP about the
procedures required to connect devices other than a PC
(such as your TV) to the Internet.
If your Internet service provider requires an ID or password
to connect to the Internet, your TV may not be able to
connect to the Internet. If this is the case, you must enter
your ID or password when connecting to the Internet.
The internet connection may fail because of a firewall
problem. If this is the case, contact your Internet service
If you cannot connect to the Internet even after you have
followed the procedures of your Internet service provider,
please contact Samsung Electronics at 1588-3366.

Using Data Service

Allows the user to use information (text, still images,
graphics, documents, software, etc.) transmitted via
broadcast media.
Auto Run Data Service (On / Off)
Sets whether or not to automatically run data service. Auto
Run Data Service automatically runs data service without
user intervention.
If any other secondary function is under way, Auto Run
Data Service may not work.
Using Data Service
If the channel you are currently watching provides data
service, you can enjoy a variety of data services by pressing
the red or
Provided Data Service information may vary depending
on broadcast.
While using data service, changing the channel using the
numeric buttons may not be possible depending on the
1. Press the
button. Select a desired service by
pressing the ▲/▼/◄/► and ENTERE buttons.
If Auto Run Data Service is On, the data service
will automatically run with loading banner. In this
case, the
2. Press the red button. The data service screen will be
[BOOK-PC7000]Web Manual-Eng.indb 33
button does not work.
3. Move to a desired option by pressing the ▲/▼/◄/►
button on the data service screen and then press
OKE. The selected service will be started.
If a Color button of a certain function appears on
the screen, you can use the offered function by
pressing the corresponded button.
4. If you press
button, data service will be closed.
Main Data Service buttons and their functions
Displays the Data Service list and
immediately starts Data Service.
(Data Service)
Returns to the previous screen.
Perform functions corresponding to each
Color button image displayed on the
screen during Data Service.
Color Button
Operations may differ depending on
the service provider.
Text can be inputted using the numbers
and letters printed on and above the
numeric keys on the remote control. If
you input the numeric keys on the remote
control one by one into the blank where
the cursor is located on the text input
screen, the corresponding lettering,
numbers or special characters will be
e.g., If you press the number 3 key in
rapid succession, then the assigned
letters (D, E, and F) and the number 3 will
alternately appear in order of input.
Switches to teletext mode or Returns to
the previous screen.
Number button
Operations may differ depending on
the service provider.
Moves the Data Service menu up,
down, left and right.
Runs a selected item.
Stops a running Data Service.
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