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Maintenance; Protecting The Environment; Service Information; Specifications - Black & Decker BB600 Instruction Manual

Variable speed blower/vacuum
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Replacing Carbon Brushes (Fig. D)
 Use a screwdriver to remove the brush holder cap.
 Take out the worn carbon brush, insert the new one
and secure the brush hold cap.
Warning! Remove and check the carbon brushes
regularly. Replace when they wear down to the limit mark.


Your tool has been designed to operate over a long period
of time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous
satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool care and
regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance, switch
off and unplug the tool.
 Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your tool using
a soft brush or dry cloth.
 Regularly clean the motor housing using a damp cloth.
Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.


Separate collection. This product must not be
disposed of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your Black & Decker
product needs replacement, or if it is of no further
use to you, do not dispose of it with household
waste. Make this product available for separate
Solamente para propósito de Argentina:
Importado por: Black & Decker Argentina S.A.
Pacheco Trade Center
Colectora Este de Ruta Panamericana
Km. 32.0 El Talar de Pacheco
Partido de Tigre
Buenos Aires (B1618FBQ)
República de Argentina
No. de Importador: 1146/66
Tel.: (011) 4726-4400
Imported by/Importado por:
Black & Decker do Brasil Ltda.
Rod. BR 050, s/n°- Km 167
Dist. Industrial II
Uberaba ˆ MG ˆ Cep: 38064-750
CNPJ: 53.296.273/0001-91
Insc. Est.: 701.948.711.00-98
S.A.C.: 0800-703-4644


Black & Decker offers a full network of company-owned and
authorized service locations. All Black & Decker Service
Centers are staffed with trained personnel to provide
customers with efficient and reliable power tool service.
For more information about our authorized service centers
and if you need technical advice, repair, or genuine factory
replacement parts, contact the Black & Decker location
nearest you, or visit us at


No-Load Speed
Air Volumen
Solamente para propósito de Colombia
Importado por: Black & Decker de Colombia, S.A.
Carrera 85D # 51-65, Bodega 23
Complejo Logístico San Cayetano
Bogotá - Colombia
Tel.: 744-7100
Solamente para propósito de Chile:
Importado por: Black & Decker de Chile, S.A.
Av. Pdte. Eduardo Frei M. 6001-67 Conchalí
Santiago de Chile
Tel.: (56-2) 2687 1700
Impreso en China
Impresso em China
Printed in China
Separate collection of used products and packaging
allows materials to be recycled and used again.
Re-use of recycled materials helps prevent
environmental pollution and reduces the demand
for raw materials. Local regulations may provide for
separate collection of electrical products from the
household, at municipal waste sites or by the
retailer when you purchase a new product.
Solamente para propósito de México:
Importado por: Black and Decker S.A. de C.V.
Avenida Antonio Dovali Jaime
# 70 Torre B Piso 9
Colonia Santa Fé
Delegación Alvaro Obregón,
México D.F. 01210
Tel.: (52) 555-326-7100
R.F.C.: BDE810626-1W7
Black & Decker del Perú S.A.
Av. Enrique Meiggs 227.
Pque. Industrial - Callao
Tel.: (511) 614-4242
RUC 20266596805
0 - 16000/min (rpm)
3,5 m